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Enough! with the state murders.
Protest in Edinburgh - Saturday 11th of April at 1:30 pm in Bristo Square.

A new event is being organized and should take place sometime in May. If you want to GET INVOLVED drop us a line ...

Police Victims

The murder of Alexis is not an isolated event but the outcome of the policy of governments and police all around the world.
We aim to create a list of citizens killed/murdered by the police during the last years.

Send information on people murdered by police here. Please include NAME, DATE, PLACE, and a short DESCRIPTION of the incident. A PHOTO is also welcome.

News from Greece

Post here any news you have in relation to what is happening in Greece now.

10 Dec 2008

Proposed route

In order to get permission by the police we have to give them a route.

Here is a proposed route. It starts at Teviot , going at George square that all the university buildings are. And then more or less what we did on Monday, with the thought that we could go further on Princess Street and end at the pedestrian road of Castle St. were we stay to protest and light candles for the murder of Alexis.

This again is only a proposal, say whatever you think it should change in order to send it at local authorities.

Whoever reads it please make a comment even if you don't want anything to change in order to know that everybody has read it. Please be as fast as you can.


xpusma said...

thats nice!
I personally though find it a bit unnecessary to go at George sq. there is nothing really there...most people pass by Bristo sq. anyway, so we could just hang out at Bristo sq. for a while until everyone comes and then lead towards castle st. with our candles at hand.

just posing a question: would it be a good idea to come back and end the protest at bristo sq. with candles?
or it would be better to stay at castle st?
which of the two places is going to be crowded during that time of the evening!
the point is to be heard!
so the more crowd the better!

Anonymous said...

I think bristo square is quite empty in the evening, so it would be better to stay near princes str. In george sq. there is the main library, so there will be students passing by, but I am sure that police will have complaints about the noise there.

mits said...

I have to agree with xpusma. There is no point going back to George sq.

Finishing our demonstration in Castle st. is in my opinion the best choice, since Princess st. is always crowded.

nick said...

i'm ok! I'll be there and I'm gonna try to bring some friends. See you there guyz.


panos said...

It's ok for me.See you there!

Anonymous said...

i can understand your need to protest at the senseless killing of a greek teenager by an out of control police force but why disrupt the lives of completely innocent people trying to go about their business. all you have managed to do is piss off people like me who were made late for work because of the disruption to the public transport in Edinburgh. thanks guys! my boss was not impressed and has given me a clear warning that if i am late again i will be out of work and he docked me an hours pay! i REALLY dont think that people who use the public transport network are going to be sympathetic to your cause or can in any way influence decision makers to speak up for your plight. more likely the greek consular officials would have got in their CARS and avoided all the congestion on the bus routes. listening to other people on the buses who had a 45 minute delay i can say that NO ONE is sympathetic to you now.

Anonymous said...

Why not protest outside the parliment building, why do you think that disrupting ordinary people and businesses is going to get you any support.

Aris said...

Guys I believe that we should really take into account, what the local worker just wrote. We don't want to turn people against us.

xpusma said...

he is right!
thats of course not the point!
the point was to make our disappointment known to the public.
unfortunately, there are no many other ways do so!
that we achieved i guess yesterday!

we can schedule though our tomorrow's protest towards the greek consul instead of princes str...
what do you think?

in order just to leave the quiet lives of locals remain quite and apathetic.

we didnt hope for sympathy...
we hoped for support on a universal sad reality!

if this couldnt be grasped then there is no point to awaken anyones long forgotten public consciousness..

Anonymous said...

I agree that blockading Princes Street is a bad idea. Only buses go through there. But some sort of direct action has to happen! We must be heard.

Another problem is that people have been talking to the police and saying they are organisers. This is really bad. That way the police can put pressure on them to do what they want. This is our demonstration! Our action! We must reclaim it from the police! Next time, no organisers, we all decide together what we want to do and where we want to go. We dont need their permission!

alexisedinburgh2008 said...

There are no organizers in our action. This has been emphasized several times during the discussion with the officers.

Ioa said...

I sympathise with the Anonymous’s comment however:

Why do not the buses take an alternative route since the police are well aware of the event of tomorrow…? We could maybe go down Cockburn Street and Waverley Bridge so as to allow for such a possibility…Is this doable for the road works but not for demonstrations? How do people cope with unexpected Lothian buses delays, as opposed to announced events?

I do not see this demonstration as only against brutal police actions, but as an overall action against the madness of this money/power-driven system allowing bosses to cut one’s payment and threatening to kick them out of work, even though the delay was against their will!

No action can be taken without any sacrifice…I hope nobody will start crying because some flowers in the princess gardens might be harmed…

Quiet and apathetic actions and indeed…quiet and apathetic lives are what we finally get!!!

Anonymous said...

"this money/power-driven system" is what enables you to see/hear news reports from Greece.

"this money/power-driven system" publishes the books and magazines you read.

"this money/power-driven system" is how you get your food.

"this money/power-driven system" is what allows you to use a computer and the internet discuss politics.

-Ordinary worker

Ioa said...

"This money/power driven system" is ALL we know...

1. What makes you believe that access to the goods and services you mention can only be attained within this system?

2. I would sacrifice a magazine, an extra book, a new computer, half of a meal that often is thrown away... for equity, respect, and freedom.

3. Lets not confuse criticism to part of a system, with criticism to the whole system.

Ordinary worker as well