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Enough! with the state murders.
Protest in Edinburgh - Saturday 11th of April at 1:30 pm in Bristo Square.

A new event is being organized and should take place sometime in May. If you want to GET INVOLVED drop us a line ...

Police Victims

The murder of Alexis is not an isolated event but the outcome of the policy of governments and police all around the world.
We aim to create a list of citizens killed/murdered by the police during the last years.

Send information on people murdered by police here. Please include NAME, DATE, PLACE, and a short DESCRIPTION of the incident. A PHOTO is also welcome.

News from Greece

Post here any news you have in relation to what is happening in Greece now.

25 Mar 2009

Update: Arrests during December’s social uprising/ Financial aid from Edinburgh

Up to the 13th of March, the confirmed nation-wide arrests related to December’s uprising in Greece reach two-hundred and sixty eight. Of them, a hundred and eight are immigrants who where arrested between the 6th and 17th of December 2008.

So far forty-five people are thought to already be behind bars awaiting trial (with twenty-five of them being immigrants). Fifteen of them have already been confirmed:

• Ten people are being held at Koridalos prison in Athens
• Four people at Avlona, and
• One person at Diavata
(Source: Open assembly for Solidarity to the Arrestees of the Greek Uprising after communication with the legal representatives of arrestees)

It 's worth noting that nineteen of the people arrested in the city of Larissa are being prosecuted under the new anti-terrorism laws, something that has initiated a wave of solidarity actions and protests in that city and elsewhere.

In an attempt to rise money/show solidarity to all arrestees of December’s social apprising, a series of solidarity events including concerts have and are still taking place all over Greece.

Edinburgh financial aid to those arrested

Half of the money raised during January’s gig here in Edinburgh has already reached Greece. They were given as donation during Wxra speirohaith‘s fundraising event (on the 14th of March in Athens ) for the same issue.

The rest of the money will be given directly to the Open assembly for Solidarity to the Arrestees of the Greek Uprising within next week.

Information on the financial needs of those arrested are still relatively limited. One main reason is that a considerable amount of the cases has not reached the court yet. It is expected, however, that in the forthcoming months, there should be a clearer view on the number of those arrested, the charges they face, as well as any courts’ decisions.