Upcoming Events

Enough! with the state murders.
Protest in Edinburgh - Saturday 11th of April at 1:30 pm in Bristo Square.

A new event is being organized and should take place sometime in May. If you want to GET INVOLVED drop us a line ...

Police Victims

The murder of Alexis is not an isolated event but the outcome of the policy of governments and police all around the world.
We aim to create a list of citizens killed/murdered by the police during the last years.

Send information on people murdered by police here. Please include NAME, DATE, PLACE, and a short DESCRIPTION of the incident. A PHOTO is also welcome.

News from Greece

Post here any news you have in relation to what is happening in Greece now.

12 Dec 2008

Meeting Today at Library Bar to Gather Material

Today we have to meet in order to gather all the material that we have for the discussion on Sunday. Bring any Video photos or text that you believe that it should be shown.

Meeting will take place at 17:00 at Library Bar at Bristo Square.


Anonymous said...

Thats fine with me. I ll be there.

Anonymous said...

i'll be there too!